Unhealthy Sexuality

Recent news reports speak of a new medical study that links increased cancer rates with homosexual men. The study claims that gay men are almost twice as likely to have cancer as straight men. (one article is here.) The same study reported that homosexual women were much more likely to report themselves as being in poor health as heterosexual women.

Medical experts have long known that cervical cancer in women is caused by a common venereal disease called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), (here) which is spread by sexual contact (even oral), and does not seem to be prevented by condoms. (here)

It turns out there is such a thing as a National Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (NLGBT) Cancer  Network. The leader of this network is quoted as saying that gay men have a higher rate of anal, testicular, lung, and immune-system cancers. The immune-system diseases are apparently due to the higher rates of HIV-related illnesses in gay men.

It is no surprise that homosexual men have these higher rates of illness. Sodomy is a filthy act, and people who do filthy things will have an increased risk of getting sick. The higher incidence of HIV in the gay community is still true, even though we have known what actions spread the virus for 30 years now.

That behavior has an impact on health seems rather obvious here.  We have public-health advocates telling us how we should live, giving us advice on everything from movie popcorn to hamburgers, from exercise to tobacco. We’re being told everyday that we should live more healthy to reduce the rising medical costs. 50 years ago we started teaching sex education to every child in public school, and 30 years ago the safe sex education movement got going strong, and today our culture knows more about sex than any other in the history of mankind.

One wonders what advice the NLGBT Cancer Network will give to their constituents.


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