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For The Record: What If Mohammed Had Never Been Born?


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Act & Potency

One of the fundamental principles of the study of being (how things exist) is expressed by author George Klubertanz as “Act, in the order in which it is act, is unlimited in itself and limited by the potency in which … Continue reading

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Archaeological Evidence Supporting The New Testament

Within the last few decades, several pieces of archaeological evidence have been discovered which support the biblical accounts in the New Testament. These include: A skeleton of a crucifixion victim with a nail still in the foot, and nail holes … Continue reading

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Science vs. Religion

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Actuality & Potency

What is moved from potential to actual can only be moved by something which is already actual, for no potency can move itself into act. A pile of lumber cannot make itself into a building. Thus if the lumber is … Continue reading

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Should People Be Allowed To Do Whatever They Want, As Long As It Does Not Hurt Someone Else?

A pretty nice blog post over on the Just Thomism blog. You can find it here. I’m sure this is in regard to the often-repeated axiom that people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Sexuality

Recent news reports speak of a new medical study that links increased cancer rates with homosexual men. The study claims that gay men are almost twice as likely to have cancer as straight men. (one article is here.) The same study reported that … Continue reading

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