The Cause of the Material Universe Must Be…….

Naturalists, or materialists, believe that all that exists is matter and energy, and deny any spirit or spiritual forces or beings. Thus their whole frame of reference is material. One line of reasoning that I’ve heard recently from this group is that we should only look for material causes. Therefore when looking for causes of the universe, they only allow material causes. This is an a priori position, taken without any observable, a posteriori evidence, for they assume that the cause of the material world must be material. This a priori line of argument does not draw a logical conclusion, for it is a priori from the start….they have merely assumed their conclusion, and begin their argument from that point.

 In addition, when we ask the question “What is the cause of the material universe?” they only allow a material cause. This is absurd, for the question is asking the cause of matter. If we say that the cause of matter is matter, we have not answered the question. Note that we were not asking “What is the cause of this particular matter on the table in front of me?” but rather we were asking about the cause of all matter. To say “the cause of all matter is matter” is an absurdity, an answer not based in reason. Self-caused beginnings of existence are illogical.

The cause of matter and energy must be a different kind of thing than matter and energy. To deny this leads us down the hole with Alice and the wabbit, into a land where logic does not apply.


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2 Responses to The Cause of the Material Universe Must Be…….

  1. llondy says:

    As science leads to a “beginning” of the universe it leads to God as it should. I don’t see how anyone can get around something being eternal. I have heard explanations of matter itself being eternal, and if you want to believe that then fine, but if there was a beginning to matter then something must have existed prior to it. If there was a beginning of space and time then something must exist outside of it. So in my opinion either the universe itself is eternal or God exists.

  2. humblesmith says:

    Anything made of matter is finite………all the matter we observe is finite. And if you think about it, matter cannot be infinite, for there are recognized voids in all matter. Further, everything that is finite had a beginning, for something had to define its limits. Therefore since the universe is made of matter, it cannot be infinite, it must have had a beginning, and it cannot be eternal.

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