Is Darwinian Evolution Falsifiable?

A pretty good post over on the “Tough Questions Answered” blog. This one is about a discussion by two biochemists who disagree about the ability of e. coli to adapt under survival situations. You can find the post here.

If this is true, it would appear to be more evidence to support my doubt of the ability of evolution to explain the wide-ranging conclusions that is often attributed to it.


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One Response to Is Darwinian Evolution Falsifiable?

  1. If you use the existence of a disagreement on a topic to support your own doubt, then go all the way: use the existence of the global disagreement about religion to abolish any certainty you have about your position.

    We learn about the world through evidence, not through the existence of arguments, or even the conviction of the parties involved.

    Two biochemists having a disagreement about how the world works. There’s nothing new here. Scientists have been arguing, proving each other false, forever. This is how science works and how we keep ourselves intellectually honest – we are forced into it.

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