Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

I’ve recently seen a post or two that claims Easter is a pagan holiday. Not the passover and the resurrection, mind you, but Easter. You know, bunnies, hiding eggs, all that sort of thing. The story begins by telling us that Easter started as “Ishtar,” then goes on to give a long story about moon godesses, Nimrod and Babylon, moon eggs, and a general list of pagan worship practices. We are then advised to not let our families celebrate hiding egss on Easter because we are supporting pagan worship practices and inviting the wrath of God to fall on us.

I have previously posted a response to a similar claim regarding Halloween and Christmas. You can find this response here.

The same reasoning process for Halloween and Christmas will apply to these claims about Easter. In summary, the claims have weak support, do not line up with the freedom we are given by Paul in Corinthians, and are legalistic, going directly against what we are told in Galatians. Somehow none of these legalists are concerned with celebrating July 4, which is a thoroughly fleshly holiday invented by modern pagans, nor are they interested in getting rid of the many pagan gods scattered about our calendars. Nor do they seem to be interested in the biblical balance given to us by the apostle Paul in Corinthians.  

Instead, these legalists are more interested in stopping other people’s freedom. With all of the myriad of theological, cultic, and barbaric practices that abound today, the last thing we need are people telling us that hiding eggs with 4 year olds is somehow pagan worship.

It seems that the Church will forever need teaching on discernment.


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  1. Ryan says:

    valid points 🙂

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