Apologetic Interaction on the University Campus

Some of the readers of this blog know that I am working with a college student group at Texas A&M University. The ministry is called Ratio Christi, and is designed to bring Christian apologetics to the secular campus. We regularly promote interaction between Christian and non-Christian students, atheists, philosophy students, and the general population of students and faculty on this large secular campus. We try our best to promote respectful but vigorous interaction of ideas to all who care to come. Of course, with the many voices on the university campus today…….skeptical, critical, atheist, liberal…..the conservative Christian often gets drowned out.¬†Ratio Christi is a unique way to bring intelligent Christian interaction to academia, which is the marketplace of ideas.

Next week our local Ratio Christi chapter is sponsoring an apologist, Ken Samples, who is on staff at Reasons To Believe, a Christian apologetics ministry (www.reasons.org). Ken’s background is in areas such as philosophy of science and cults. His topic will be about Naturalism (physicalism) vs. Theism, and Ken will take the position that theism is a superior answer to atheistic materialism. We have invited the student Philosophy Club and the Atheist/Agnostics Club, and Ken will field questions afterward. It should be a very interesting evening. For anyone interested, we will be on the TAMU campus, Thursday, February 24, 6:30 pm, in Koldus 111. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Since we are not charging admission, we need to reimburse Ken Samples for his time and expenses. We need about $1,100 to cover the immediate out of pocket costs. It would be nice to get a little more so we can cover other expenses of running such a ministry. As of now, we have no source of funds other than what comes out of our own pockets. If you are able to help us, we thank you in advance. You can donate via PayPal by clicking the button below.

Also please add us to your prayers.


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