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If Evolution, Why Religion? (Part 2)

We have already posed the question, ‘If evolution, why religion?’ in a previous post. See it here. In summary, the point of that post was saying that if evolution is true, then it produced religion, and therefore religion would be … Continue reading

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US Tax Money Funding Mosques?

I first learned of this over on the Answering Muslims blog.

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Is Atheism Merely Non-Belief, or Does Atheism Make a Truth Claim?

Often we hear statements from atheists that sound something like this:  ‘Atheism is not stating any belief. On the contrary, atheism is a-theism, or a lack of belief. So atheism makes no claim to belief, just a lack of belief.’ … Continue reading

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Apologetics Needs to be Grounded in Theology

We are in what I call the “golden age of apologetics.” Today there are books, seminars, conferences, courses, clubs, all focused on presenting good reasons and evidences for the Christian faith. This is all well and good, but we must … Continue reading

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Ravi Zacharias, Academic Freedom: Has the University Lost Its Way?

Here’s a great video clip from Christian apologist and philosopher Ravi Zacharias. Ravi is one of the most insightful thinkers of our day. Here he speaks about intellectual freedom in the university classroom, or the lack thereof. One way of … Continue reading

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Apologetic Interaction on the University Campus

Some of the readers of this blog know that I am working with a college student group at Texas A&M University. The ministry is called Ratio Christi, and is designed to bring Christian apologetics to the secular campus. We regularly … Continue reading

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Acts 17: Paul and The Greek Philosophers

In Acts chapter 17, the apostle Paul is in Athens. He ends up at the place where the Greek philosophers discuss and debate, and ends up giving a long speech to them. Acts tells us that Paul was addressing the … Continue reading

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