Online Resources: Francis Schaeffer, Donald Barnhouse, Walter Martin

A few sources of good teaching online:

  • Francis Schaeffer, who has some free online lectures here. who was a great Christian thinker. He recognized trends in culture and faith and was extremely good at predicting the consequences of thought. However, Schaffer learned his history from going to art museums and interpreting the art. He apparently did not read the primary sources that he comments on. For example, in his book Escape From Reason, he was very inaccurate about Thomas Aquinas, making it very doubtful that he read any Aquinas at all. That said, Francis Schaffer is still a great thinker from whom we can learn a great deal.
  • Donald Grey Barnhouse, who has some free online lectures here. Barnhouse was a conservative theologian and Bible teacher in an era where churches were quickly sliding headlong into radical liberalism. He defended the historic Christian faith and taught others the historic doctrines which are essential to Christianity. I personally find his vocal style a bit annoying, but his teachings are well worth the time to listen.
  • Walter Martin, who was the greatest anti-cult apologist in the last half of the 20th century. I have not found any of this lectures available for free, but they are worth every penny. You can find his teachings available here.

I picked these three men not because they are the only great teachers online (there are many other great ones). But if we look back at these three men, we can learn a great deal.

  • Francis Schaeffer spent his life trying to stem the tide of a secular culture that was inevitably grinding away at our value systems and our religious faith. He influenced millions of evangelicals in a very positive way, yet his own son walked away from the faith and is now an atheist.
  • Donald Barnhouse spent his life trying to stop liberalism and teach conservative theology. He also influenced millions in a positive way, yet his own daughter became a liberal priest.
  • Walter Martin was tremendously effective in his teachings against non-Christian cults. Yet when he died suddenly, the organization he built was taken over by others and taken in a very different direction. His life’s work was quickly forgotten.

Therefore those of us in ministry should take heed. Do not be slow in doing good, do not be caught asleep or drop the baton when it is your turn to pass it on to the next generation. But also realize that despite your best efforts, there might be those who come along right after you and undo what work you have spent your life doing. Store up treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

Meanwhile, we can learn from great men like Francis Schaeffer, Donald Barnhouse, and Walter Martin. Spend a day listening to these men, for they were worthy of their reward.


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  1. dawnenns says:

    You can check out some of Walter Martin’s talks if you have Real Player here at

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