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Online Resources: Francis Schaeffer, Donald Barnhouse, Walter Martin

A few sources of good teaching online: Francis Schaeffer, who has some free online lectures here. who was a great Christian thinker. He recognized trends in culture and faith and was extremely good at predicting the consequences of thought. However, … Continue reading

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Science and Faith

There seems to be a surge of Christians who hold that there is no essential disharmony with the vast majority of modern science theory and Christianity. In such fields as Theistic Evolution, their views try to harmonize naturalistic science with … Continue reading

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New Testament Variants: Is the New Testament Copied Accurately?

I ran across a skeptic that has raised the old criticism of textual variants in the New Testament. The quote below is a representation of the typical criticism we see: It has been estimated that these manuscripts and quotations differ among … Continue reading

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Birth Rate

Last week there was a series of news reports about birth rates. Teen birth rates are down in 2009, to the lowest teen birth rate numbers since health officials started tracking the numbers in 1940. Prior to the 1960’s, most people … Continue reading

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12 Days of Winter Holiday

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Jesus Is Born: Glory to God in The Highest

Jesus had to be born as a man so that He could be mediator, so that His death would be able to pay for human sin. If He were not 100% fully human, His death would not pay for human … Continue reading

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Was Jesus A Story That Copied Pagan Myths?

Skeptics often claim that the story of Jesus in the Bible is a copy of ancient pagan myths. We are told that ancient pagan gods were born of a virgin, had 12 disciples, rose from the dead, etc. This is supposed … Continue reading

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