What’s Worse: Burning the Quran or Burning People?

You remember a few months back when a pastor in Florida threatened to burn a box of Qurans. It caused an international incident, with world leaders contacting the US President, the US Secretary of Defense had an emergency meeting, the FBI met with the man, ecumenical press conferences from religious leaders begging the man to stop, a gaggle of satellite TV uplinks were parked across the street, the US General in Afghanistan said soldiers would be killed.  On and on it went, dominating the news for many days. In the end, the pastor changed his mind and did not burn the Quran.

However, it appears that Muslims didn’t hesitate. They burned a Coptic Christian man to death in Egypt when it was rumored he had a relationship with a Muslim woman (see the story here). In another Egyptian town, the Muslims burned ten homes when they heard a rumor that a Coptic Christian was spotted with a Muslim girl (see the story here). Muslims in Indonesia burned Protestant and Catholic churches (see the story here). In Pakistan, a woman was sentenced to die for “blaspheming” the Muslim prophet, with no more evidence other than an accusation. In Iran, a Christian pastor was sentenced to die for complaining about school children being forced to read the Quran (see the story here.)

As far as I know, not much happened with these incidents. I doubt that any heads of state contacted anyone. Most likely the Secretary of Defense never had any meetings about these incidents. No ecumenical news conferences, no TV trucks.

So it seems that it is an international incident for an American to burn a Quran, but when Muslims burn people and people’s homes, no one seems to care.


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2 Responses to What’s Worse: Burning the Quran or Burning People?

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  2. R.Ross says:

    Perhaps if you are going to list Muslim atrocities – mainly against women – misogyny being a poisonous factor in all major religions – you could balance it by reporting atrocities committed in the name of religion in general. In Hindu India for instance some 25,000 women are burned every year. Millions of women in Hindu India are beaten savagely each year – Hinduism teaching that a husband has the right to beat a disobedient wife. The Hindu religion has such a hatred of women they also kill baby girls at birth – not something they do in Islam however.
    And misogyny in Judaism leads to high levels of domestic violence against women. But then such abuse is also common in the Christian West.
    I agree with you it is important to raise issues like these atrocities but unless you discuss all atrocities there is a chance that some might see you indulging in Islamophobia and prejudice is not something Christianity supports.

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