Historical Evidence for the New Testament

Can anyone really read Luke 3:1-2 and conclude that the New Testament was designed to be a spiritual myth? I agree with C. S. Lewis when he said that such a person who claims that the Bible is myth is showing thier lack of knowledge of mythological works, for the style of writing is completely different, it is just not made of that kind of stuff. So please do not pretend to me to have carefully read passages such as this one in Luke, and the latter half of Acts, and then in the next breath claim that the New Testament was written as some type of allegorical story or tale that was supposed to not be historical. Writings which were designed to only teach spiritual truth and not historical fact are very different than the New Testament. Anyone who claims that the Bible is primarily myth has demonstrated that they approached the text with their minds already made up, hoping that it will be myth so that they can dismiss its claims without having to answer for their behavior.

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