What Kind of God Exists?

The arguments for the existence of God, such as the moral, Kalaam, vertical cosmological, and teleological, prove that God exists. Some critics then respond, ‘You haven’t yet proven the God of the Bible. It could be some other type of God.’ Some poke fun, saying it could be some absurdly fantastical type of God. They do not realize that the proofs for God, by themselves, do not claim to prove the God of the Bible. They merely show that there had to be a creator.

However, the apologist does not stop there, for as our critics have been quick to show, we cannot have conflicting Gods, absurd Gods, or the like. To get to a sensible God and the God of the Bible, we must use the next phase of the argument: reasoning from the law of causality.

The law of causality goes back to Aristotle, but was developed by others also. It argues from effects to causes. It merely says that the effect must pre-exist in the cause, and a cause must have the characteristics of the effects in some sense or it could not create the effect. Humans are mechanical, so we create mechanical things. Humans are chemical, so we create chemical things. If an effect has a characteristic, it must have pre-existed in some sense in the cause.

So we know that the creation (in this case, humans) has personality, so God must have personality. The universe has unity, order, and consistency, so the Creator must have unity, order, and consistency. The universe reflects intelligence, so the Creator must have intelligence. In this manner, we get several atributes of God.

So the formal arguments for the existence of God get us to a Creator, but the logical arguments from causality get us to a God that matches the revealed God of the Bible. The Bible tells us this is possible, for in Romans 1:20 we are told that even those who deny God can know things about God from observing the creation.


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