The Infinitude of God

What is meant when it is taught that God is infinite? Does this mean anything? Is it important?

The doctrine of the infinity of God is indeed important. It merely means that God is without limits in anything that is logically possible to limit. The doctrine teaches that God is unlimited in power, justice, love, wisdom, etc. The doctrine does not teach that God can do anything, for then we would have God making absurdities such as square circles and round triangles. In anything possible, God is unlimited.

The infinity of God is supported with such verses as Job 10:9, “His miracles cannot be counted”; His judgements are unsearchable, Rom 11:36; His understanding is unsearchable, Isaiah 40:28; He does marvelous things without number, Job 5:9; not even Heaven can contain Him, 1 Kings 8:27. These verses, and others like them, show that God and His works are infinite. Note that the verses say that God’s works are not able to be counted…..they’re not just saying that we cannot count them, but that God is not able to be measured, His works are beyond number. This is the meaning of infinite.

But further, anything that is created is finite, for created things have beginnings, and by definition are not infinite, for they were limted at the time of creation…they cannot go back in time infinitely. Likewise anything that is finite has a beginning, and this is true by definition. All finite things were created, and infinite things were uncreated, indeed could not have been created. Therfore, since God is either created or uncreated (those are the only two options…there is not a third, middle option), and we know He is not created, therefore He must be infinite.

To deny God’s infinity is to say that He and His works are limited, He had a beginning, and is created. To deny God’s infinity is blasphemy. This is true by support of scripture and through the reason God gave us when He created us in His image. Those who say that such things as God’s knowledge is limited are denying God’s infinity, stating by implication that God is finite, and are teaching heresy.


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