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Everything Does NOT Need A Cause

Many Christian apologists give an argument that the universe needs a cause, therefore there must be a God who caused it. I bumped into a YouTube video from an atheist who repeats the old Bertrand Russell critique that says: If … Continue reading

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What Skeptics Want Christians To Know

A pretty good blog entry by Christian apologist Sean McDowell. You can find it here.

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Kant’s Explanation for Morality

In his book Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, philosopher Immanuel Kant gives a definition of his basis for morals, which he calls the categorical imperative. Kant states “There is, therefore, only a single categorical imperative and it is this: … Continue reading

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Existence Precedes Essence

Perhaps Thomas Aquinas’ most important contribution to philosophy and theology is the concept expressed as “existence precedes essence.” Here is a very brief explanation. Science can measure what  a thing is, and therefore measure its attributes. We can measure how … Continue reading

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Moral Law, Yet Again

In recent dialogue with a couple of atheists, the moral argument was given for the existence of God. The argument says that there exists an objective moral law, therefore there has to be a moral law giver, a prescriber of … Continue reading

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Michigan Woman’s Crime: Asking for Christian Roommate

Absolutely incredible…..the state of Michigan is prosecuting a woman for posting an ad on a church bulletin board. Her crime? She asked for a Christian roommate.  You can read the story here. Keep in mind this is in Michigan, the … Continue reading

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Faith and Reason

Here is a short video on the Christian view of the relationship between faith and reason. This is by Randy Hardman of Ratio Christi.

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