The French parlament has banned full-face coverings in public places. For the story, click here.

This is in direct response to the massive culture conflict between traditional French and the large influx of Muslims, who are steadily changing the culture.


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  1. David Bower says:

    Islam is not a peaceful religion but is in fact an international enemy whose driving force goes beyond national boundaries into the realm of a world-wide ideology with global objectives. Islamic efforts to dominate the world have, in the past, resulted in the military victories of the Umayyad Caliphate, and the Ottoman Empire.

    The reference point for loyalty in Islam is based on total loyalty to the teachings of Islam and makes loyalty to nations or national boundaries either secondary or completely irrelevant.

    The conquest of Europe and the United States which is now underway is an ideological and demographic attack which seeks to reshape these societies into conformity with the Muslim standard of Sharia law.

    There can be little effective defense against a foe if the attacked refuses to even identify the foe or the nature of the attack.

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