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Why We Can’t Blame Greek Philosophy

Yesterday I again heard a rather old accusation. The claim is that Christian theology borrowed from Greek philosophy, and that if we merely got our teachings from the Bible then we wouldn’t be teaching such-and-so. The claim that “they got … Continue reading

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Islam in Dearborn: Christians Acquitted (Mostly)

The four Christians who were arrested in Dearborn, Michigan for talking to people at the Arab festival were acquitted of most of the charges. See the story here.

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New Testament Accuracy: Dr. Luke

In the New Testament the books of Luke and Acts were written by the same person, Luke, a greek-educated physician. His style of greek shows that he was quite educated, and from Acts we can have an idea of what … Continue reading

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Descartes Never Believed It

Rene Descartes is attributed with starting modern philosophy. With his Meditations he asked questions of methodical doubt, questioning whether he could really know any of his sense data. In his methodical doubt, he tried to doubt everything, including whether he … Continue reading

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How Does Metaphysics Relate to Other Sciences?

Metaphysics is the most abstract of anything you could study. By metaphysics we are not speaking of the weird section of the used book store. We use the term in the classic sense, which is an area of philosophy that … Continue reading

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Influence of Christianity on Europe

In Dinesh D’Souza’s book What’s So Great About Christianity? he documents the foundations of not just Europe, but of all of western civilization. The following is a good example. Speaking of the beginnings of Christian influence in Europe, D’Souza says  “Slowly and surely, … Continue reading

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The French parlament has banned full-face coverings in public places. For the story, click here. This is in direct response to the massive culture conflict between traditional French and the large influx of Muslims, who are steadily changing the culture.

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