Obama and Islam

We are told Barak Hussein Obama attended a very liberal church in Chicago for twenty years. This church is purportedly Christian, but the denomination, United Church of Christ, is so liberal that many of their churches deny the central truths of Christianity.  When the pastor of that church was exposed to the national media, his race-based liberation theology was frowned upon by many in the USA. Rightfully so.

Nevertheless, during the election Barak Hussein Obama was said to be Christian. We have now learned that when he appointed NASA chief Charles Bolden, Obama told Bolden that his primary mission was to “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.” So Bolden, following his directive from Obama, heads off to Arab countries and appears on pro-Islam TV network Al-Jazeera to do what Obama has directed him to do……..tell the Muslim world that the US likes them (see the story here).  Keep in mind that while the NASA chief was doing this, back home the manned space program is being dismantled, for the space shuttle program is ending with no replacement on the drawing board. It is still a mystery as to what NASA has to do with making Muslims feel good about themselves, unless of course Barak Hussein Obama wanted to promote Islam, and promote the US to the Muslim world.

Yesterday Barak Hussein Obama was holding an “ifatar” party in the state dinner room of the White House. This was a dinner with Muslim leaders celebrating Ramadan, which is the month-long “fast” where Muslims don’t eat during the day, then have a huge feast every night and don’t work much for a month every year. At this official celebration of Islam, Barak Hussein Obama supported building a mosque in lower Manhattan, a bomb-blast distance away from where Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 innnocent people and destroyed billions of dollars of property.

The terrorists destroyed the buildings because they were named the “World Trade Center.” If they had been named “Office Building 1 and 2” they might be still standing. The motivation of these Muslims is domination, which is why they destroyed the towers named World Trade Center. Domination is also why they put a mosque on the temple mount in Jerusalem, and why they are putting a mosque as close as they can to the site of the World Trade Center.

Of course America has traditionally had freedoms, so these Muslims have the legal right to put a mosque where they wish. But putting it at the site of where Islam killed 3,000 innocents in the name of domination shows insensitivity, rudeness, and disregard for the feelings of 70% of Americans who oppose the move. Putting a mosque at the site where Muslims murdered people shows that Islam is not interested in peace, freedom, tolerance, or love, but is interested in domination, both symbolic and actual. Western European countries already have Sharia law courts illegally operating in their countries, ignoring the laws of the land. In France, the traditional French leaders are finally waking up and trying to remove some of the Muslim cultural symbols such as head scarves that hide the face of women. When the same was suggested in England, Muslim protesters threatened to riot and said that if the scarves were removed, they would create “ten thousand dead bodies”  in the streets of England (see the video clip here).

Islam has shown that while it is in a minority, it is all for freedom and tolerance. But when it becomes the majority, it dominates the culture with Sharia law, restricts freedom, and steadily removes other viewpoints (see the post on this here)

Americans will be lulled to sleep once more, while we go off and entertain ourselves.


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One Response to Obama and Islam

  1. Ryan says:

    I respectfully disagree with you, I think we have to be very careful when making assumptions about people, especially when we dont know them personally. The sencondary information we recive about them can be used to either discredit him or support. I believe that there are many agendas at play in the presentation of Obama in the media.

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