The Golden Age of Apologetics

I can’t help but think that we are in the golden age of Christian apologetics. As movements go, it has all the signs.

People who go through historical movements are generally unawares of what is happening until the movement is over, or at least on the downhill slide. So while it is difficult to be positive about cultural and historical movements, I can’t help but keep thinking that we are in the midst of an historic surge in Christian evidences and reasoning.

Consider the signs: there are now more schools offering graduate degrees in conservative Christian thought than anytime in modern times. We also have a series of apologists who are engaging those that attack our faith. We have more sources to support more people in evangelism than any other time in history. Apologetics is not about winning arguments, but about helping average people to win souls. So the good news is that there are probably more answers to more questions in our world today than any Christian has ever had.

The bad news is that those who disagree with us are not silent, but are using all means at their disposal to attack us. Much of it is ill-supported, but the name-calling and gut-level attacks sell well among many. While we are winning the war of ideas on the intellectual level, we are losing the battle in the hearts of the public.

So the challenge is before us in the church. Won’t you join the work? You ask how? Glad you asked.

Study apologetics. Learn Christian philosophy. Teach others how to use apologetics in evangelism. Get those in your church to wake up and realize that we do not have a blind faith but a reasonable faith that has an intellectual foundation in the revelation of the living God. Get a degree in apologetics or philosophy from a conservative Christian school. Read the works of William Craig, J. P. Moreland, Norman Geisler, Greg Koukl, John Lennox, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Stoebel, and a hundred others. Won’t you join the work? You can be a part of the golden age of apologetics.


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