What Happens To A Society When The Muslim Population Increases?

This is what happens when the Muslim population increases in a society. In this video clip, first watch and listen to what these men are saying.

Next, watch it again and notice the boys in the background. They pick up on who is there, and start following them immediately. By the end of the video, they have increased in numbers, have gotten closer, and are apparently trying to intimidate these two Christians. This is how Islam operates in Dearborn, Michigan.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. The reason why these men attracted a crowd and were later arrested on trumped-up charges is because the one man is of mid-eastern descent, was formerly Muslim, and has now become Christian and is willing to say in public that Jesus is Lord. This incenses the Muslim population, to the point that they influenced the police to lie about these men and arrest them on false charges.

When local Dearborn churches or Josh McDowell remain silent about Mohammad being a false prophet, give money to the festival, provide free labor to help the festival, or bow to the Muslim wishes and not hand out gospel tracts, then they are allowed by the Muslims to remain and are not harassed. The leaders of the city have either bought into this value system or are lying to keep their jobs.

Now go back and watch this clip again, and listen once more to the statements about what Muslims do to suppress the Christian message.


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