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Prettifying of Darwin

A pretty good article from Al Mohler. You can find it here. Advertisements

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Singularity and Unity

The atheist materialists say that we’re mere matter, and nothing else exists.  No spirit, no soul, nothing greater than a pile of molecules arranged in an certain way.  The more philosophically inclined realize the implications of this, that if this … Continue reading

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National Conference on Christian Apologetics

If you’re interested in apologetics (reasons and evidences for the faith), you should consider attending the National Conference on Christian Apologetics. For more information, look here.

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Metaphysics is the philosophical study of how things are, how they exist, how things “be.”  Aristotle wrote the “physics” which was his description of the natural world (plants, animals, etc.) and he wrote a series of other, related topics which went … Continue reading

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Are You Tolerant?

We live in a day when tolerance is held up as a universal ideal. The proponents of tolerance seem to mean that we should accept all viewpoints, which will somehow ultimately result in the greater good for everyone. We should … Continue reading

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Atheists and Morality

The December 2008 issue of Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society has an article by Gary Habermas that evaluates atheistic teachings, especially those of popular authors Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. In responding to Harris’ claims that atheism can have … Continue reading

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Obama and Islam

We are told Barak Hussein Obama attended a very liberal church in Chicago for twenty years. This church is purportedly Christian, but the denomination, United Church of Christ, is so liberal that many of their churches deny the central truths of Christianity. … Continue reading

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