Why Separation of Powers?

Have you ever thought about why the founders of the USA set up a government with separation of powers? It wasn’t to speed things up, or to provide jobs for the party faithful, that’s for sure.

Separation of powers was established, and a monarchy rejected, because they believed people were sinful. They believed humans were infected with sin, and therefore fallable and capable of all sorts of evil. So to slow down the decay and prevent any one person or group from overly influencing the rest of society, they separated the powers and set up a series of checks and balances.

If they had believed that people were basically good, or even basically neutral, and evil could be wiped out with education, then they would have simply put an education requirement as a minimum requirement for holding office, and we would have had a wonderful government by the most educated. But they knew that all the education in the world will only make a person an educated sinner, they set up a system that will control sinful humans as much as possible.

Of course, this view is lost on today’s politicians, for they don’t have a Christian world view. As one example, Joseph Biden was head of the judiciary committee when Clarence Thomas was up for nomination. They got into a lengthy discussion about natural law, with Thomas supporting it and Biden denying it. So the very natural law that gave our founding fathers the idea to have the senate review supreme court justices was denied 200 years later by the humanists who have taken over the modern cultural and political scene.

Another problem we are experiencing is that the balance of power has shifted to the courts. Lawmakers are now passing test laws designed to see what the courts will allow, and laws are in the courts before they are implemented. What is allowed morally is now decided in the courts, as shown by the US laws about voluntary child killing. What things are allowed socially and morally have shifted to the courts. Of course, the founding fathers gave us an option for this problem: Article 3 of the constitution allows congress to disband federal courts. But with the lack of leadership in our day, congress never does this.

We would do best to realize the worldview of our founding fathers, and realize that no system of government is sufficient to protect us from the ravages of humanist leaders. We need leaders who have a respect for natural law, and, as the Declaration of Independence says,  a respect for Nature’s God.


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