Graduate Student Expelled For Beliefs About Homosexuality

A graduate student at Eastern Michigan University has been expelled because she believed that homosexuality is morally wrong. According to media reports, she desired to refer homosexual clients to other counselors. She was expelled, and the federal court has upheld the school’s ruling. You can read about it at this link.

I can only assume that the school’s position is that this is similar to a race issue where someone would refuse to counsel someone due to race. But racial issues do not have moral overtones, such as homosexuality has had for thousands of years across most cultures. Further, this is a sincerely held religious belief, which falls under a different set of laws. Even further, the student didn’t cause any discrimination against anyone, but merely wanted to avoid participating in an activity due to sincerely held religious beliefs.

The case has the ring of a George Orwell novel, with forced reeducation programs and training courses that are actually designed to change their value systems, not just the behavior. Have we come to the point where the politically correct thought police force us to hold certain values? Of course, this is exactly what is happening, they just don’t want to say it plainly. I can’t help but notice that this is happening in the same state, Michigan, that arrested  Christians at last month’s Arab Festival because of the content of their speech. In both instances, as long as Christians don’t deal with the sensitive issues, filter their statements about Jesus, Mohammed, and morality, and teach that the Christian beliefs are less important to them than not upsetting non-Christians, then the state allows them to move about freely and participate in society. For now, anyway. The woman at Eastern Michigan University was told she had to change her belief system to stay in school.

But if Christians pretend that they have something relevant to say that does not toe the politically correct line, they are arrested or expelled from government run schools. I am not a prophet, but it sure seems to me that the thought police will not stop at this intolerance, but will continue to control more and more of our lives, for the message of Christianity is not popular with the world unless it is watered down.

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2 Responses to Graduate Student Expelled For Beliefs About Homosexuality

  1. David Bower says:

    It will be interesting to watch the response of those promoting homosexuality as they begin to increasingly confront Islam; Islam is much more agressive in its response to the homosexual lifestyle.

  2. humblesmith says:

    Yes, good observation. Today’s politically correct culture does not want to offend anyone except traditional Christians; Muslims are off limits to criticism. But as you said, there’s a train wreck going to happen at some point with those two views.

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