Chance? Really? Are You Sure?

We are often told that things come to be ‘by chance.’ The statements are made to indicate that chance has caused things to come to be. But R. C. Sproul has made a good point in his book Not a Chance.

Chance is not a causal force.  Rather, chance is an explanation of an effect. Chance never causes anything. All things that come to be, come to be due to something causing it.  Chance is an explanation of randomness, but is not a causal force. For example, the classic rolling of the two dice. If the dice are held in the hand in exactly the same way, and thrown with exactly the same force, and thrown at exactly the same angle to the table, with the exact same temperature and humidity…….if all the variables are controlled, then the dice will come up the same every time. The reason they don’t is that humans can’t control the pressure, angle, etc.

So don’t let anyone ever get you convinced that something has arisen by chance. Anything that arises does so because of a cause. Even the great skeptic David Hume, who went as far as to deny that we can know any cause and effect, said “I never asserted so absurd a statement as that something should arise without a cause.” He merely explained that we have trouble knowing what the cause was.

Likewise, everything that has a beginning has a cause.  Nothing has come to be by chance.


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