Just Stay On The Reservation And Be A Good Boy

I heard a comment from Ravi Zacharias (and possibly repeated by R. C. Sproul) that I thought was interesting and very appropriate. A big problem with Christians today as they relate to communicating in public and being a part of the conversations about culture is that Christians are tolerated as long as we stay in our little corner of the world and stay quiet. Just like assigning us to a reservation, and we can stay there and be happy and talk to ourselves, just don’t think that we’re important enough to be a part of the real important public conversations, and don’t get any crazy ideas that what we say is important. The culture tells us that as long as we stay inside the church building and just focus on spaghetti suppers and feeling good about ourselves, about “being a better you,” then they’ll tolerate us and allow us to show up once a year on Thanksgiving and give away food. Just don’t pretend that we have anything intelligent to say. For example, I saw a recent editorial from a science journal that specifically mentioned Christians as being particularly unwelcome in the sciences for no other reason than we are Christians. Some in the culture will not be satisfied until we are eliminated, for the radical atheists have begun to call for just that . . . the elimination of any religious people from society. Fortunately these are still in a minority, but sadly, many Christians have bought into this system and gladly disconnect from public discussion, thinking the realm of faith has no impact on how we think or whether the laws will allow us to teach in our churches or freely associate with other members of society. Those believers that feel that faith and culture do not intersect are tying the noose around their own necks.

Well, we will not stay on the reservation and shine shoes, boss. We will have a chair at the table, and will be part of the conversation. With the current rise in Christian apologetics and philosophy that has started in the last few years, we will be a part of public discourse on an intellectual level.

It will take a long while to make a big impact, but we’ve discovered a way off of the reservation, and we know the weak points of those who disagree with us.


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