Is Christianity Supported by History?

The bible is indeed supported by history. One of the most amazing presentations of this is the book “The Historical Jesus” by Gary Habermas. Habermas is likely the world’s most qualified expert in historical apologetics, specifically the resurrection of Jesus. In Habermas’ book, he compiles 45 ancient sources from outside the bible. These sources are early, some being dated even before the New Testament books were written. The sources are diverse, with many being from those antagonistic to Christianity. What do they show?

From these 45 ancient sources outside of the Bible, Habermas compiles support for 129 facts about the biblical account of Jesus. Think of it: 129 facts about Jesus are supported from sources outside the scriptures. From these ancient extra-biblical sources, Habermas compiles a lengthy account of Jesus, including that Jesus lived, was born of Mary, that Jesus’ birth records existed, that He was from the town of Nazareth, that Jesus was worshipped as God, was called Messiah, that He was put to death because of His teachings, that the Jews claimed the disciples stole the body, that He was said to have been raised, and that many people were running around claiming to have seen Jesus after He was raised.

Habermas goes on to support more ancient historical support for the historicity of Jesus. The historical support for Jesus life, death, and resurrection is greater than any event in ancient history. There is more support for Jesus than any other ancient figure, including Julius Ceasar or Alexander the Great.

When Habermas’ work is combined with that of other notable works such as “The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History” by Colin Hemer, we have a solid historical support for the events reported in the Bible. The eyewitness accounts in the Bible are trustworthy.

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