Secularism, Ethics, & Government

I heard Ravi Zacharias’ radio address not long ago. One comment he made was about how countries have an ethical system that they view is larger than themselves.  Countries base their laws on a moral code that they view is larger than the society as a whole.  Some countries hold this to be God, others have other religions. But western society is quickly convincing ourselves that we can keep a set of laws which are not based on anything larger than ourselves, but only based on what we think is right and wrong at the time. This cannot last, for the society will soon lose it’s moral direction, not having a compass heading to aim toward. Time will quickly tell whether we can survive with no transcendent moral guide.


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4 Responses to Secularism, Ethics, & Government

  1. Anima says:

    What you speak of is the departure from natural law and an embrace of positive law.

    I do not have high expectations.

  2. humblesmith says:

    I’m not sure our society even embraces natural law. If it did, the comment above would likely be invalid. Instead, popular culture seems to be slouching toward relativism, while the thinkers & leaders seem to be going toward a philosophical naturalism that leaves no room for natural law. Of course, both of those positions are ultimately self-refuting and can’t be strictly held.

    I’m reminded of when our VP, Joe Biden, was head of the judiciary committee, and Clarence Thomas was up for vote. Thomas said he believed in natural law, and Biden led a long interview with him, trying to defeat Thomas because of that. Of course, that situation gets tangled up in Washington politics, but it still illustrates how many of those in positions of power have given up natural law theory, at least from a strong viewpoint where it would bind society’s ethics and laws.

  3. Anima says:

    I’m not convinced that our leaders and society are in, perhaps moving towards but not in relativism. I think that for people like ourselves that have a grounding and firm belief in natural elements of life this departure and rejection of natural law can appear to be relativism because do not see what their anchor is. I’m fairly sure that whatever their god may be they have one. Some have suggested the god of earth or of man but I’m not sure about those. What do you think?

  4. humblesmith says:

    Of course one cannot make a single statement that applies to all people, but I think in the US there is an increasing percentage of people who make themselves their own god. An increasingly larger percentage of the populatioin claim nothing larger than themselves, and hold that they rule their own universe. I think this is what Ravi’s statements were about.

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