Proof for God: Caused Universe

One proof for the existence of a cause for the universe is the following:

Every effect has a cause
The universe is an effect
The universe needs a cause.

The atheists attack this, of course. Some try to say that the universe is not an effect. As Bertrand Russell is quoted as saying, “It’s just there.” Or others will try to say the universe is unlimited, and therefore somehow it is not an effect. David Hume tried to argue against the first premise, that we cannot know cause and effect. He never denied cause and effect, but he did claim that we cannot know cause and effect. Some, such as Russell, try to undermine the argument by saying “if every effect needs a cause, then what caused God?”

But none of these criticisms seem to work very well. The universe is indeed an effect, and therefore cannot be uncaused. It cannot have caused its own existence, for it would have had to have existed before itself in order to cause itself, which is absurd. The universe is limited, for we see the evidences of limitation all around us……stars die, resources get used up. David Hume’s philosophy cannot be lived, has no impact on practical life, and is therefore so much sophistry and mental exercise. And Russell missed the obvious point, which is that God is not an effect, and therefore does not need a cause.

I think back to the New Testament, in Romans 1 and 2. There it says that the universe provides us witness that God is there and we are without excuse. The syllogism above is simple, but no more simple than looking at nature and coming to the conclusion that there must be a God, for nature could not have come about by itself. I honestly believe that people have to work a long time to convince themselves that God does not exist. As they used to say in the South, some people have “too much education and not enough sense.”

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