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Why Separation of Powers?

Have you ever thought about why the founders of the USA set up a government with separation of powers? It wasn’t to speed things up, or to provide jobs for the party faithful, that’s for sure. Separation of powers was … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra Gets Owned

One of the most powerful tools in apologetics is to use a simple bit of logic, which is to apply the other person’s viewpoint to their own statements. If their statements are not sound, this is what happens.

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Graduate Student Expelled For Beliefs About Homosexuality

A graduate student at Eastern Michigan University has been expelled because she believed that homosexuality is morally wrong. According to media reports, she desired to refer homosexual clients to other counselors. She was expelled, and the federal court has upheld … Continue reading

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Chance? Really? Are You Sure?

We are often told that things come to be ‘by chance.’ The statements are made to indicate that chance has caused things to come to be. But R. C. Sproul has made a good point in his book Not a … Continue reading

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Are Faith and Reason Incompatible?

Many today view faith and reason as totally opposite from each other. Theists and atheists alike tend to view faith as a decision based on no evidence, no logic, but only a blind leap of something that is non-logical. Part … Continue reading

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Fundamentalist Atheists

Here’s another jewel from Dinesh D’Souza’s book What’s So Great About Christianity? “Surveys show that the vast majority of young people in America today are scientifically illiterate, widely ignorant of all aspects of science. How many high school graduates could … Continue reading

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Just Stay On The Reservation And Be A Good Boy

I heard a comment from Ravi Zacharias (and possibly repeated by R. C. Sproul) that I thought was interesting and very appropriate. A big problem with Christians today as they relate to communicating in public and being a part of … Continue reading

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