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Science: Materialism and the Supernatural

A long argument exists over whether supernatural or metaphysical things should be mentioned in the same breath as science. Those in the physical sciences hold that anything supernatural or metaphysical is not science because it is not material, and therefore … Continue reading

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Philosophers Kant, Hume, and Nolan Ryan

Philosopher Immanuel Kant tells us that we can never really know the real, only the phenomena. Skeptic David Hume says that while cause and effect are sure, we can never know the cause of anything All we can know is  … Continue reading

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Islam: Sharia Law in Dearborn Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan has an Arab Festival every year. In 2009, a small group of Christians went to the festival, approached a booth that was set up to answer questions, and asked a question about Islam. The Muslims apparently didn’t intend … Continue reading

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Homosexuality and The Bible

Recently a couple of Christian musicians announced they were homosexual. The most recent was Jennifer Knapp, who was a rising star on the Christian music scene a decade ago, then disappeared for about seven years, only to reappear with the … Continue reading

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How Can We Be Sure Of What We Know?

Epistemology is the study of how we know things. The field apparently started going out to left field after Descartes, when people started wanting proof for sense perception….I had a lady once who said to me, “prove to me that wall … Continue reading

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All Truth is Absolute Truth

Many today believe that all truth is relative, that there is no absolute truth. But this is self-refuting, for the statement “all truth is relative” is proposed as an objectively true statement that applies to everyone. If someone were to say … Continue reading

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God Forgive Us

God forgive us, for we have elected a pro-death President. We have elected a man who would not vote to protect the life of already-born babies, to protect them from the butcher’s knife. Lord have mercy on us.  We are … Continue reading

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