Islam: Sharia Law in Dearborn Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan has an Arab Festival every year. In 2009, a small group of Christians went to the festival, approached a booth that was set up to answer questions, and asked a question about Islam. The Muslims apparently didn’t intend to speak to knowledgeable apologists, and didn’t like the Christians being there. The security forces for the Arab Festival used children to bait the Christians, then removed the Christians by force, then lied to the police. The video proof of this is shown here:

After a year of this video being online, the faces of the Christians were well known. In 2010, Christians outside the Arab Festival were stopped by Dearborn police, saying they could not hand out literature on a public sidewalk outside the festival.  David and Nabeel, the two main people from 2009, entered the festival and did not approach anyone or hand out any literature. They did speak to those who approached them with questions. The result is that the Christians were arrested for answering questions in public about Christianity and Islam. Their cameras were confiscated and they spent a night in jail. The video explanation from 2010 is shown here:
(be sure to watch beyond the first two minutes)

What does this mean? The immediate implication is that in Dearborn, Michigan, Christians are not allowed to talk to Muslims at the Arab Festival, nor hand out literature within five blocks. Apparently the leaders in Dearborn feel it is illegal to talk to people about religion, and will believe Muslims without question, but do not care about the Christians’ side of the story.

Here we have the government in Dearborn instituting Sharia law in the US. Through sheer numbers of people and a loud enough protest, Islam has silenced all those who have a different opinion. So I do not believe Islam is a peaceful religion, nor do I believe they will be content with following the first amendment laws of the US, for these events prove they do not. We already have some rumors that communities in France have effectively disconnected themselves from French law and are running the communities under Sharia law. Will this happen in the US?

Think of the problem this way: There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. If 50% of them believe as the ones in Dearborn do, then there are 750 million people who will silence all debate by force. If only 3% believe what the radicals are teaching about killing all non-Muslims, then there are 45 million people who will commit suicide to kill most of the people reading this blog. Let’s pray that the strongarm tactics that are already being used in the US will not result in further violence.


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