Book Review: What’s So Great About Christianity?


What’s So Great About Christianity? by Dinesh D’Souza,

Regent Publishing, 2007.

Dinesh D’Souza has created a very readable yet refreshingly comprehensive account of the influence of Christianity, and the issues surrounding the current battles regarding religion and the rest of culture, history, and science. This book is recommended for any of those who are skeptical, or have been reading any of the current popular atheists.

D’Souza approaches topics such as if atheism is true, then why has religion survived? He delves into the culture wars with government-run schools and how they have been a target for the radical secularists. He has great explanations for the history of Galileo, the Inquisition, and how the crimes of atheism stack up to the crimes of religion. For example, D’Souza explains how the popular view of how the church treated Galileo is wrong.

The book explains many areas of life, science, and culture where they collide with Christianity. Apologetic topics include how the universe is geared for life, miracles, and the reasonableness of faith. Often the writers of history have skewed our view of past events, and this book helps to straighten these out.

If anything, it is a reasonable response to the recent trend by atheists and secularists who depict Christianity as a virus that needs to be stamped out. Such a view is scary for those of us who are Christians and in the minority. Visions of Nazi death camps frighten Christians who have lost cultural influence, such as is the case today.  D’Souza has a palatable way of turning the tables on the atheistic materialist. 

I did have a few nits to pick in the philosophy section (e.g., there is a good answer to Kant, and here D’Souza paints Kant as an unanswered question that undermines atheism).  But other than that, this book is a breath of fresh air on the best seller lists, and is recommended for everyone.


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