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Brought to you by Ratio Christi DEFENDING THE FAITH IN TURBULENT TIMES  A Conference for Christian Apologetics This event is designed to help prepare you to make a defense for the Word in turbulent times. How can we reconcile Christianity … Continue reading

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The Book of Daniel

The Biblical book if Daniel is particularly attacked by skeptics and critics, both inside and outside the church. The attacks are due to the very detailed prophesies found in the book, telling precise things about four major world kingdoms. Liberals … Continue reading

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Science and Faith: Who Wins?

Scientists who happen to also be atheists tell us that we must not consider God into the research, for if we do we will kill science. They tell us that by definition, science deals with natural causes and that if … Continue reading

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Atheists Look for Miracles

I have been reading an excellent book titled True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism. The book is a collection of articles by Christians who respond to modern atheists, showing that Christianity is more reasonable than atheism. One … Continue reading

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Why Learn Apologetics?

I sometimes encounter those inside Christianity that do not believe that Christianity should be defended. I was once told by a minister at Rice University that using apologetics was not only wrong, but hurtful to the cause of Christ. Leaders of … Continue reading

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Did the Bible Copy From Pagan Virgin Birth Myths?

I bought a copy of atheist Christopher Hitchens’ book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. I always buy these books from used bookstores, mainly because I refuse to have any of my money go to support the atheists. … Continue reading

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How Can a Spirit Affect a Body?

Question:  If a spirit is non-physical, but the human body is physical, how does a spirit stay in our bodies? Also, experience seems to tell us that our memories are stored in our physical brains. How could a spirit store … Continue reading

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Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 1)

The Old Testament book of Ezekiel has many prophecies, including predicting that the city of Tyre would be destroyed and never be rebuilt. Yet the city exists today with many people having lived there for many years. Some people claim … Continue reading

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Creation, Evolution, The Courts, & Public Opinion

In the book Darwin Day in America, author John West shows how evolutionary thought, inspired by Charles Darwin and accepted by his followers, has impacted various parts of society. Far from mere biology, Darwin’s theory of random mutations filtered by … Continue reading

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If Evil, Then Good

It appears obvious to most people that we cannot have a crooked unless we first have a straight to measure it against. Sure, the crooked stick can exist, but the only way we know to call it crooked, instead of … Continue reading

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Hard Questions for Christians

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Christian and Athiest Talk About Hell

A: I can’t believe you Christians would really believe in a God that would want to send people to suffer in Hell forever. I hate the idea of a goody-two-shoes God who thinks like that. C: So you’d rather be … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Thomas vs. The Bible

Periodically we meet people who bring up the subject of extra-biblical writings such as The Gospel of Thomas. In various ways the claims are made that flawed human decisions were made about what books were to go into the Bible. … Continue reading

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What If Operating Systems Were Religions?

A bit of levity for the software geek:  What if Operating Systems Were Religions? Possibly too much inside humor, but a bit of lightheartedness is needed sometimes.    

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Sam Harris’ Morality

Atheist writer Sam Harris book The Moral Landscape includes Harris’ argument for a morality ultimately based in human experience of natural physical forces. His book includes the following: Many people seem to think that because moral facts relate to our … Continue reading

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Free Will & Brain Science

Whether humans have conscious choice about their actions is an important question when discussing subjects such as morality and the soul. If God exists and has made us in His image, then we have a soul, are not merely body, … Continue reading

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Duck! They’re Shooting At Us!

A pretty good analysis by Jerry Walls about the recent Phil Robertson statement about the sin of homosexuality. You can find it here.   One of the several excellent points: Now it is one thing to exercise intolerance in the … Continue reading

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I Feel Marriage is Redefined

The state of Utah has struck down portions of its marriage law and began opening the door for polygamy. This is no surprise, for Christians have been saying polygamy would be an inevitable outcome of the current worldview. What is … Continue reading

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Lawrence Krauss Gets Nothing For Christmas

I’ve shamelessly borrowed this . . . thought I’d have a bit of fun at Christmas. This is an inside joke about philosophy and apologetics. Most likely only funny if you already know the discussion . . . physicist Lawrence … Continue reading

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Quantum Vacuum and the Cheshire Cat

The book Who’s Afraid of Schrodinger’s Cat? by Ian Marshall and Danah Zohar is subtitled An A-to-Z Guide to All the New Science Ideas You Need to Keep Up with the New Thinking. The publisher says the book “offers clear, concise, … Continue reading

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Former Muslim Speaks of Islamization of Europe

In contrast, here is what Jesus said about how we should treat our enemies: Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, … Continue reading

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Faith and Trust

In trying to help us learn the meaning of faith, John Lennox recently said the following: Christopher Hitchens gives one of the most wonderful examples that I have ever come across: “If one must have faith to believe in something, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Anti-Religious Intellectual Turns Christian

Another person has become Christian due to being faced with the message of the Bible and the strong evidence of Christianity. Kirsten Powers, reporter and political commentator, was once a die-hard New York anti-religious person . . . until she … Continue reading

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Catholicism & Devotion to Mary

Note: Sorry for the long post. This post is not typical for this blog. The Roman Catholic Church (RCC) has been a bit of a lightning rod through the centuries, with much pro-and anti-catholic rhetoric being written. Emotional arguments are … Continue reading

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Psychological Need and God

The psychological need for there to not be a god would be at least equal to that of the desire for there to be one. The desire to be independent and not answer for our actions would be an equal … Continue reading

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Cosmological Argument, Sufficient Reason, & Causality

Thomas Aquinas, in his massive work Summa Theologica, included five logical explanations for the existence of God. If people know anything about Aquinas, they know the five ways. Unfortunately, Aquinas is often misunderstood. A key, but often misunderstood concept is … Continue reading

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Why Would God Destroy Sodom and Save Lot?

Another question from a skeptic about the Bible. Question: Why did God allow Lot and his daughters to escape from Sodom and Gomorrah” He destroyed those cities only to later have Lot and his daughters engage in incestuous fornication. (Genesis … Continue reading

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Ministry work and personal downtime will likely have me away from the blog for a few weeks. Meanwhile, I have some excellent links to other related sites on my blog roll. You will be challenged if you visit them.

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Stalin, Christianity, & Communism

Joseph Stalin was a key leader in the early communist movement that took over Russia and formed the USSR. If there is any question as to the position that communism places on religion, Stalin left no doubt as to the … Continue reading

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Hitler, Christianity, & Atheism

A popular modern myth is that Hitler and his Nazi leaders were Christian. I recall seeing images of Hiter in church, I believe at the baptism of Hermann Goring’s child. Some insignias on Nazi uniforms are reported to have contained … Continue reading

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