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How Can a Spirit Affect a Body?

Question: ┬áIf a spirit is non-physical, but the human body is physical, how does a spirit stay in our bodies? Also, experience seems to tell us that our memories are stored in our physical brains. How could a spirit store … Continue reading

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Formal Fallacies, Informal Fallacies, and Science

In a recent comment, a writer seemed to hold that Occam’s Razor is an ironclad logical principle that should end all debate. This post will explore the logic behind this view. Therefore I believe a basic description of formal and … Continue reading

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Did Aquinas Bring Greek Philosophy Into Christianity?

Periodically we hear the accusation that we should not bring in philosophy, particularly Greek philosophy, into Christian theology. Tertullian is often quoted as saying “What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?” Also, is it not true that the apostle Paul … Continue reading

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The Argument From Reason

Naturalism is the view that all of life, indeed everything that exists, can be explained by physical and chemical causes. Such a view also results in every event being caused by a prior physical and chemical cause, to the extent … Continue reading

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Skeptics vs. Christians: Let’s Be Reasonable

A question asked by some philosophers concerns how the soul interacts with the body. The allusion by skeptics is that since we do not know how the soul moves the mind and body, why then it must not be able … Continue reading

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Can There Be An Infinite Series of Escapes From Kalam?

One of the demonstrations for the existence of God is the Kalam Cosmological Argument, which claims that the universe had a beginning, and therefore needed a beginner. At its root, it is quite simple, for anything that comes to be … Continue reading

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Pseudo Science

There have been a few recent reports that tell us that some science journal articles were fakes. One was in Nature, one in Science, and it was reported by Fox News. The problems are facilitated by the fact that professors … Continue reading

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