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Why Does God Not Stop All Evil?

One of modern atheists’ and skeptics’ criticisms of God is that He should stop evil. They are fond of quoting horrible circumstance X, and saying that if God existed and was good, He would certainly, at a minimum, stop X. … Continue reading

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Response to Sam Harris The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris published a book titled The Moral Landscape. In it he attempts to hold to objective moral truth with a goal of human well being as self-evident. But he also holds that this objective moral truth is due to … Continue reading

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Why Be Ethical?

I’ve been reading a book called The Geography of Good and Evil:  Philosophical Investigations by Andreas Kinneging (ISI Books, 2009). This book is no small oddity, since it includes two things not commonly found in modern books on ethics and … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’ Morality

Atheist writer Sam Harris book The Moral Landscape includes Harris’ argument for a morality ultimately based in human experience of natural physical forces. His book includes the following: Many people seem to think that because moral facts relate to our … Continue reading

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I Feel Marriage is Redefined

The state of Utah has struck down portions of its marriage law and began opening the door for polygamy. This is no surprise, for Christians have been saying polygamy would be an inevitable outcome of the current worldview. What is … Continue reading

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Was Hitler an Atheist, Christian, or True Scotsman?

(This post is largely taken from a presentation by John Ferrer. No doubt his statements were much better than my summary, so I attribute any successes to him and any failures to me.) Adolph Hitler is often presented as an … Continue reading

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Nietzsche vs. Modern Atheists

The writer Friedrich Nietzsche (d.1900), when commenting about religious matters, was by no means a friend of Christianity. Living in Christian-influenced Europe, he taught that those who do not conform to society’s norms, including the moral norms, were the ones … Continue reading

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