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Genesis 1, Science, and Logical Conclusions

This week I learned of a college student at a large, local state university who told of a story about one of his professors. The student’s geology professor, on the first day of class. specifically took time to ridicule Genesis 1. … Continue reading

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The Cambrian Explosion

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Creation, Evolution, The Courts, & Public Opinion

In the book Darwin Day in America, author John West shows how evolutionary thought, inspired by Charles Darwin and accepted by his followers, has impacted various parts of society. Far from mere biology, Darwin’s theory of random mutations filtered by … Continue reading

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Pseudo Science

There have been a few recent reports that tell us that some science journal articles were fakes. One was in Nature, one in Science, and it was reported by Fox News. The problems are facilitated by the fact that professors … Continue reading

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Ongoing Challenges to Evolution

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Reactions to Stephen Meyer’s Book: Darwin’s Doubt

I found a pretty good short blog post that centers around Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt. The writer starts from a good, middle of the road, practical position. You can find the post here. The post describes the reactions and … Continue reading

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Do You Act With A Purpose, Or Not?

Modern atheist evolutionists tell us that nature is completely purposeless, yet works toward an end, namely survival. For the most part this end is assumed and never questioned. Few people seem to see a conflict in the idea that nature is mindless and … Continue reading

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