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Questions of the Mind Applied to the Kalam Argument

I recently saw a person in an online philosophy discussion pose the question “Can we prove that logic applies to reality?” Such are questions that give philosophers a bad name amongst non-philosophers who view topics like this as worse than the flat earth … Continue reading

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Ancient Bible Critic Reinforces Biblical Truth

One of the strongest supports for Christianity can come, surprisingly, in a backhanded way from its critics. One such is the ancient philosopher Celsus, who wrote a book against Christians in c.175. This work has been lost, but is largely … Continue reading

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Why Learn Apologetics?

I sometimes encounter those inside Christianity that do not believe that Christianity should be defended. I was once told by a minister at Rice University that using apologetics was not only wrong, but hurtful to the cause of Christ. Leaders of … Continue reading

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How Can a Spirit Affect a Body?

Question:  If a spirit is non-physical, but the human body is physical, how does a spirit stay in our bodies? Also, experience seems to tell us that our memories are stored in our physical brains. How could a spirit store … Continue reading

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Was Jairus’ Daughter Dead or Dying?

In Matthew 9:18, a man named Jairus comes to Jesus and says that his daughter is “even now dead” (KJV), or “has just died” (ESV, NASB, NIV). But in Mark 5:23, Jairus claims his daughter “is dying” (NIV), or “is … Continue reading

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Musings on Randomness & Design

Since you and I are both reasonable people, let us compare what is reasonable with what is not, as reason might apply to the possibility of a random universe compared with a designed one. Let’s consider a lottery drawing, which … Continue reading

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Formal Fallacies, Informal Fallacies, and Science

In a recent comment, a writer seemed to hold that Occam’s Razor is an ironclad logical principle that should end all debate. This post will explore the logic behind this view. Therefore I believe a basic description of formal and … Continue reading

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