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The Vertical Cosmological Argument and the Fallacy of Composition

The Vertical Cosmological Argument has various forms and is rather conceptual, but can be described as: 1. Everything in the universe is contingent (they could “not exist”). 2. All contingent things need an ongoing cause to sustain them. 3. Therefore … Continue reading

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Can We Be Free in Heaven and Yet Not Sin?

I read an account of a Christian on a college campus who was posed this question: If evil and sin are the result of mankind’s free will, then why is it that people in heaven will have free will, but … Continue reading

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Conclusions About Historical Accuracy of the Bible

I have posted several entries that document the accurate historical accounts in the Bible, especially in the book of Acts (see here, and here, and here.) As shown in Colin Hemer’s landmark work, The Book of Acts In The Setting … Continue reading

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If Naturalism, No True Knowledge: Alvin Plantinga

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Roe v. Wade, Considered

The anniversary of legalized voluntary child killing brings a rather profound irony. Our culture knows many times more about the development of a human than it did in 1973, so we can no longer say an unborn child is a … Continue reading

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Historical Details in the Book of Acts

(for the first of this historical series, see the post from a few days ago, here.) In the bible, the books of Acts was written by Luke (see the first few verses of each book). The book includes a very … Continue reading

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If Evil, Then Atheism is False

Popular skepticism says that since evil exists, God is either non existent, impotent, or evil. But if evil exists, we must have a standard of good that is beyond matter and energy to measure it against. Matter and energy only … Continue reading

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Accuracy in the Book of Acts

In the book of Acts, chapter 27 deals with a shipwreck that the apostle Paul experienced while on his way to Rome. The author of Acts, Luke, goes into significant detail while describing the events of the storm and the … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Literary Difficulties

In Colin Hemer’s landmark book, The Book of Acts In the Setting of Hellenistic History, he gives a great evaluation of Acts (and some of Luke) from the perspective of a trained historical scholar. Hemer does not write from the … Continue reading

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You Should Listen to Ravi Z.

Ravi Zacharias has a radio program called “Let My People Think” which airs on many stations. You can listen to the programs online at this link: The most recent three programs have been very insightful and interesting. If you … Continue reading

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Distinctions in the Four Gospel Accounts

Some critics of the Bible take ammo from the distinctions made between the gospel writers. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have some passages very similar, with others having differences. These distinctions are sometimes said to be evidence of errors, so … Continue reading

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Why Does God Not Speak To Us Directly?

Here’s the next in our series of questions from skeptics and critics. If God is really trying to reach people, why would He entrust His message to sinners? If He knows that not everyone will be convinced by the truth … Continue reading

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