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An Open Letter To Young Christian Apologists

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ: This letter is directed toward those in the Christian community that are among the current crop of Christian apologists. Do not lose sight of the fact that your work is desperately needed. Hundreds of … Continue reading

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Can Reason Be The Product of Natural Causes?

In C. S. Lewis’ book Miracles, he approaches the question of how far our reason can go, and what would happen if all that exists is matter and energy. Nowdays we are told by the modern secularist and atheist that we should pay no attention to … Continue reading

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Love Your Neighbor, the Atheist

A great blog post over on Sean McDowell’s blog. You can find it here. We are commanded in scripture to always be ready to give every man an answer (1 Peter 3:15) and to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude … Continue reading

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What Price Scholarship?

Christian apologist Michael Licona has published a book on the resurrection. Another apologist and scholar, Norman Geisler, has questioned part of Licona’s work in two open letters. You can find Geisler’s comments here and here. They are suggested reading for … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Claim About Itself?

What does the Bible claim about itself? Peter claims that they did not make up the stories they told, but gave eyewitness accounts: “We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of … Continue reading

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Atheist-of-the-Gaps theory

A news report quotes an astronomer as saying he has demonstrated evidence that the universe is growing older. Fewer stars are forming, which shows that the universe is gradually running down, as all natural systems do. See the news report … Continue reading

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Was Jesus Begotten?

Some religious groups that deny the doctrine of the Trinity include the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the United Pentecostal Church. These groups have been declared as being outside of Christianity due to their essentially non-Christian teachings. Christianity has always held to … Continue reading

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Muslim Terrrorists? Christian Terrorists?

In recent weeks a man in Norway systematically murdered several dozen people. Some news reports described him as a “Christian terrorist” apparently due to some of his writings that supported historical European cultural heritage. While I have not seen all … Continue reading

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Being Causes Becoming (Agency part 8)

This is the eighth (and finally, last) part in a series establishing agency in God and humans. I am in the midst of responding to a series of objections to agency. The numbers below refer to the list in post … Continue reading

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Being Causes Becoming (Agency part 7)

This post is the seventh in the series trying to establish agency, namely that a being can generate or originate thoughts or actions in situations where they did not exist previously. In previous posts we demonstrated agency in both God … Continue reading

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Circular Model Refuted (Agency part 6)

This is the sixth part in a series proving agency and disproving the arguments against. But some will say, “perhaps time and movement are circular. It could be that movement has always been circular, without a beginning.” This is false … Continue reading

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Effects Preexist in Their Cause (Agency part 5)

This is part five of the discussion attempting to prove agency, the idea that beings can generate thoughts and actions when there were none previously. Before we get to the refutation of the circular argument, we will go ahead and … Continue reading

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A First Mover Exists (Agency part 4)

This is the fourth part in a series trying to establish agency. The following is the first of Thomas Aquinas’ five ways of establishing the existence of God. For our purposes, we are merely trying to establish a beginning of … Continue reading

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Definitions of Act, Potency, and Being (Agency part 3)

Before we can begin to support the case for agency, it is likely wise to cover a few foundational points. Any effect is the result of a potential being moved to an actual. The effect of a house is when … Continue reading

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The Argument Against Agency (part 2)

Before I respond to the argument against agency, it is best to first post the challenging position, the argument against agency. For our purposes, agency will be defined as the ability for a being to generate or originate thoughts or … Continue reading

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Why Should The Christian Study Philosophy? (Agency part 1)

I have entered into discussions with a person concerning a question in philosophy. The next several posts will be an attempt to answer this question. The question is rather abstract. In summary, it is this: Can any being act as an … Continue reading

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The Universe Systematically Mathematical? Naw, it’s just random…

Just keep telling yourself, ‘it all happened by chance, it all happened by chance…’ If you do not, you might start thinking it happened by design. The interesting thing to me is that philosophers have posited a theory of everything … Continue reading

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How Much Evidence Can Prove God’s Existence To An Atheist?

Christian apologist Richard Howe offers the following response to the atheists’ claim that they need more evidence: When I was debating this atheist, I asked him, ‘what would convince you there is a god?’ He said “If all the chairs … Continue reading

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Atheist’s Critique of Atheists

A critique of the new atheists from a longtime atheist. You can find the original link and summary here. It somewhat parallels what others have been saying for a good while, such as here and here.

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Discovery of Tomb of Apostle Phillip

An Italian archaeologist has announced that he discovered the tomb of one of the twelve apostles, Phillip. You can read the story here. If this proves true, it adds to the hard, physical evidence in support of the Biblical account. … Continue reading

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Bachmann Christian Testimony

You can hear Michele Bachmann’s Christian testimony here.  

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