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Problems with Kant’s Categorical Imperative

In his book Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, philosopher Immanuel Kant gives a succinct definition of his basis for morals, which he calls the categorical imperative. Kant states “There is, therefore, only a single categorical imperative and it is … Continue reading

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The 10,000-year clock

There is a group that is building a clock which is designed to run for 10,000 years. You can read about it here, and their website is here. The clock is being funded by a billionaire, and designed and built … Continue reading

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Why Is The Church Ineffective? J. P. Moreland Answers, “Love God With All Your Mind”

An absolutely great lecture from J. P. Moreland that should be mandatory listening for everyone. You can find two versions of it, one given to the general public (here) and one delivered to a university audience (here). Moreland challenges the … Continue reading

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Wherefore Art Thou, Art?

I was a member of a Christian acting group for nine years. We were led by a team of people with experience, and we worked very hard at what we did. On one occasion, we had a series of training … Continue reading

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Cisco Systems Intolerant?

A recent event at Cisco Systems appears to be a very good example of how tolerance rules are being abused, ironically being used to exclude some opinions and promote others. You can read about the event here.  It would appear … Continue reading

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The God Gene: John Cleese Version

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List of Self-Refuting Statements

Here is a list of self-refuting statements which I have shamelessly borrowed from my friend John Ferrer’s page on Facebook. A self-refuting statement is a statement which if true, contradicts what it means. A self-refuting statement is nonsense, being an … Continue reading

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Atheist to Theist: Anthony Flew

Periodically in discussions with atheists, one runs across comments from the atheist something to the effect of ‘no one really becomes a theist who has thought the problem through. The only reasons anyone becomes a theist is due to irrational … Continue reading

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For The Record: Homosexuality

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Does the Existence of Moral Evil Prove or Disprove God?

1. People deny God because moral evil exists.  They claim there is moral evil in the world and in the Bible, therefore God is either non-existent, immoral, or powerless. 2. Therefore we should live as if God does not exist, … Continue reading

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Bubblegum Philosophy and Skepticism: Is Watching Video Sufficient?

Philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig is well known for his public debates against atheists and critics. He is also well known for championing the kalam cosmological argument for the existence of God, the argument which says that since the … Continue reading

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Female Muslim Politician Promotes Sex Slavery

This story is so bizarre that I’m having trouble mentally digesting it. Muslim female activist and former candidate for Kuwait parliament Salwa al-Mutairi is advocating that Muslim men be allowed to purchase sex slaves legally. This is in Kuwait, the … Continue reading

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Can Miracles Be Proved or Disproved?

Whether miracles have happened in the past cannot be disproved based on counting how many times miracles have not happened. Such logic may seem valid on the surface, saying that someone has observed a phenomenon many times and never seen … Continue reading

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Significance of the Large Number of New Testament Manuscripts

New Testament scholars painstakingly study all aspects of every ancient copy of the Bible, going to tedius detail to catalog and evaluate the documents. Many of these men spend their entire lives going over details of the ancient New Testament … Continue reading

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Atheists Use of Reason: Have They Learned From Descartes?

Author Etienne Gilson wrote an excellent history of philosophy titled The Unity of Philosophical Experience. In it he speaks about philosopher Rene Descartes, who was trying to use logic and reason to their very limits, trying to prove every single … Continue reading

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