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The Fruit of Hitler’s Nazis Came From What Source?

In Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent book What’s So Great About Christianity?, the author has a chapter titled A License to Kill: Atheism and the Mass Murders of History. In this chapter D’Souza responds to the popular claim of modern atheists that … Continue reading

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Why Does Jesus’ Resurrection Matter to Us?

The apostle Paul claimed to have gotten his message directly from the Lord Jesus, thus claiming that his writings were inspired by God. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul tells us the following: Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from … Continue reading

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Conceived in Rape…..Should These People Die?

Whenever the conversation turns to voluntary child killing, which is legal in the US, we often hear the phrase “except for rape.” I have no wish to minimize the horror of rape to any degree. But I do wish to … Continue reading

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What Is The Nature of Jesus’ Resurrected Body?

The eyewitness accounts of the Jesus’ resurrection say that Jesus’ had a thoroughly physical body. In fact, the reports say that it was the exact same physical body that died on the cross. In Luke 24:39, Jesus appears to the … Continue reading

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Could A Man Rise From The Dead?

I have not met a modern skeptic or critic than can hold a candle to the king of skeptics, David Hume. If the modern midgets have anything to say, it is because they stand on the shoulders of giants. In … Continue reading

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A Little Resurrection Hope, If You Please

A family friend died last week. She was quite ill, but no one expected it to come this soon. As we approach Easter, where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, I thought I would first start with a practical application … Continue reading

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The guys over at Acts 17 Apologetics have posted this video. Very interesting observation.

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Of Spaghetti Monsters and Pink Unicorns: A Refutation

The Intelligent Design (ID) movement has attempted to take empirical data and draw the conclusion that naturalism could not be possible. Naturalism is physicalism, saying that all that exists is physical matter and energy, that everything that exists is the … Continue reading

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Historical Accuracy of the Old Testament

Old Testament scholar Walter Kaiser has written an excellent book titled The Old Testament Documents: Are They Reliable & Relevant? Among many other things in this book, Kaiser documents that secular historians and archaeologists have found independent corroboration for many … Continue reading

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Academic Discrimination and Religious Views

That there is academic discrimination against religious people is well documented. Besides the research polls that have shown this, there have been documented cases of specific discrimination. See my earlier post here. Just once I’d like to see someone at … Continue reading

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Philosophers love to pose a question to natural scientists: “Why is there something, rather than nothing at all?” To the natural scientist, this is a meaningless, or at least, pointless question. For natural science may pretend to ask “why?” questions, … Continue reading

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The Cause of the Material Universe Must Be…….

Naturalists, or materialists, believe that all that exists is matter and energy, and deny any spirit or spiritual forces or beings. Thus their whole frame of reference is material. One line of reasoning that I’ve heard recently from this group … Continue reading

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