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Possible Archeological Find of Early Christianity

A collection of books has reportedly been found in the mideast, allegedly showing a great deal about early Christianity. The find has just made the news, so it is too early to tell the significance of the find. But the … Continue reading

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How Much Evidence Is Sufficient?

Christian apologists have presented several lines of proof for the knowability of truth, the existence of a theistic God, and the accuracy of the Bible. On the other side, severe skeptics and atheists routinely dismiss these arguments as insufficient. I’ve … Continue reading

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No One Really Wants Relative Truth

When discussing religious or spiritual matters, we are repeatedly told that we should not be dogmatic, that all people have their own truth. Indeed, many, if not most, believe that absolute truth is impossible, and even if it were possible, … Continue reading

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How Much Historical Evidence Is Sufficient To Go Beyond Doubt?

Scottish thinker David Hume (d.1776) was the king of skeptics. Compared to Hume, most of the modern skeptics and agnostics are but amateurs, and many of them follow the same line of reasoning that originated with Hume. Hume carried his … Continue reading

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Former Dawkins’ Follower Becomes Christian; Partly Due to Atheist Rudeness

Richard Morgan was an atheist whose views were driven by Richard Dawkins’ book The Blind Watchmaker. Read the following article about how he became a Christian. You can read the article here. It has been my experience that atheist arguments … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez Solves Problems of Evolution and Creation

I just could not resist re-posting this one. According to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it is possible that life on Mars died out because of capitalism. Apparently if socialism were on Mars, there would still be life. So now we … Continue reading

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Florida Judge Orders Use Of Islamic Law

Life in the US is getting increasingly more bizarro. A few years back the US Supreme Court cited foreign law in deciding a case about the US constitution. Today I hear a sound bite from President Obama telling people in … Continue reading

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Can Theology Be Demonstrated by Logical Argument?

The question of whether faith can be proven by evidence or not is addressed by Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica (1.1.8).  Thomas first lists the common objections: 1. Christianity is built on faith, not proven by arguments. 2. Argument … Continue reading

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Is Darwinian Evolution Falsifiable?

A pretty good post over on the “Tough Questions Answered” blog. This one is about a discussion by two biochemists who disagree about the ability of e. coli to adapt under survival situations. You can find the post here. If … Continue reading

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Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

I’ve recently seen a post or two that claims Easter is a pagan holiday. Not the passover and the resurrection, mind you, but Easter. You know, bunnies, hiding eggs, all that sort of thing. The story begins by telling us … Continue reading

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Walter Martin on Defending the Faith

Here is a video clip of Walter Martin speaking about defending the faith. If you can get past the hair, or lack thereof, then Walter Martin’s statements are well worth hearing, and still valid today. Walter Martin had fire in … Continue reading

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How Can a Good God Allow Evil?

Here are a couple of good video clips about the question of God and evil. The frist is Greg Koukle, and the second is Ravi Zacharias.

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If A Good God Exists, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As I write this, there has recently been a large tsunami that has destroyed large sections of Japan, with large numbers of people being killed and property destroyed. In 2004, a tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed about 230,000 people … Continue reading

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Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts

The number of New Testament manuscripts (hand-made copies from the early centuries) now stands at over 5,800. The number goes up each year, as more documents are unearthed in the mideast. When we add the number of quotations made in … Continue reading

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Do the Gospel Accounts Contradict Themselves?

Many skeptics and critics attempt to show that there are contradictions in the New Testament accounts of Jesus. They point to the many items in the four gospels which are not identical, and say that since they are not identical, … Continue reading

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We Can Trust the Historicity of the New Testament

The historicity of the New Testament is entirely historically reliable. The number of copies and the early dating of the copies are so significant as to remove all doubt about the historical accuracy of the New Testament. In but one … Continue reading

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God is Simple and Does Not Need A Cause

One objection to Christian theism is that if the universe is so complex that it requires a creator, then God would have to be more complex than the world. Since God would therefore be complex, He would need a creator, … Continue reading

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